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General industries
Ventilation / air-conditioning . Cooling . Maintenance . Sound insulation
Ventilation / air-conditioning
Ventilation systems and air-conditioning equipment are
used to air-condition exhibition halls, showrooms and
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Cooling plant for products (cold stores) and process plant
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Maintenance / Repairs / Assembly
In the course of inspection shutdowns we carry out disassembly and re-assembly, maintenance and repair work.
We specialise particularly in service work on existing plant (fan overhauls / refurbishment of air duct systems / hood dryer conversions) and the planning, construction and assembly of new plant.
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Sound insulation
Planning, construction and assembly of sound absorbers, sound-insulating enclosures and sound-reducing capsules to reduce sound emissions.
Execution of the individual sound protection facilities in accordance with specific requirements (material, geometry, type, dimensions, air flow, absorber characteristic, cleaning, accessibility).
Implementation of sound measurements / preparation of sound redevelopment concepts.
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Your contacts

In urgent cases you can reach our emergency service outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm) at the following telephone numbers:

Refrigeration engineering emergency service:
0 800/ 26 22 112